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This Month's Winner: Rosie and Leo

Holistic Select Product Choice: Grain Free Adult & Puppy Health Salmon and Anchovy & Sardine Meal Dry Dog Food

Pet Of The Month

Rosie and Leo are amazing dogs! Rosie has been on Holistic Select since she was a pup (our trainer suggested it for hyperactivity and it worked wonders) and we rescued Leo when he was 3 months old with some major health issues from malnutrition. All off these health issues are gone now, just 4 months later and we believe the food had a lot to do with it! They love Holistic Select and thrive on it! I always get comments on their coats, disposition and beauty! Right now they are on the Grain Free Adult & Puppy Health Salmon and Anchovy & Sardine Meal.

This Pet of the Month submitted through our Instagram @holisticselect! You can also check out these pups on @Leo_and_Rose

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Each month Holistic Select® will pick one winner for our website. The winner's photograph will be posted on the Pet of the Month page of our website for one month and then will be put in our Photo Gallery.

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