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  • "We decided Holistic Select® Large & Giant Breed Dry Dog Food Recipe was the best choice for Nebo and we feel confident he is getting optimal nutrition to support his large stature and high energy needs."

    - Jessica J., Provo UT

    "I care about what my puppies eat and with Holistic Select I know each mouthful is an investment in their future of a healthy and happy life together."

    - Russell P., Juneau AK

    "We decided to switch all three of our dogs to Holistic Select Dog Food and have never looked back! No more stomach issues for Millie. Thank you Holistic Select!"

    - Susan H., Kenosha WI

    "We chose to feed her Holistic Select® Nourish Puppy Health Recipe Dry Dog Food because we wanted her to grow to be healthy and strong. We are thrilled with our choice!"

    - Kelsey V., Gainesville GA

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