Celebrate Love Your Pet Day

Love is in the air the whole month of February. You can show those furry friends some love on Love Your Pet Day this February 20th.  It looks like February is the perfect opportunity to spoil your four legged loved ones! Why not plan a special date? This is the time your pet craves the most.

You can use our “personality” test to plan a few outings with your furry friends.

If You Have a Sociable Pup

  • Why not plan a trip to a nearby dog park? An hour or two of puppy fun will leave your pup tired and you know what they say about a tired puppy!
  • Plan a play-date – meet up with a friend who has another dog similar in energy and temperament. You can meet in a fenced in yard or the dog park.
  • Grooming appointment – After an exciting play-date, your dog will likely need a bath and who doesn’t feel better after a good haircut!.

If You Have an Mellow (or Senior) Adult Dog

  • Your older dog may prefer a one on one walk with you. Do you have a favorite location? Maybe a nearby hiking trail or even just a walk through town? Why not spend the morning or afternoon there?
  • Spa day – Every dog loves the clean feeling after a bath. Some areas even have mobile grooming now where they’ll come to your house and conduct the grooming session right outside in their vehicle. This is perfect for pups who don’t enjoy the noise associated with grooming salons.
  • Favorite treats – an always appreciated addition.

If You Have a Cat

  • New toys! Cats like games too. Spend a few minutes waving around a laser pointer or a string tied to stick. Maybe even catnip…
  • New collar with a charm or an updated identification tag. Some cats love to wander outside do you’ll want to make sure they can be easily returned to you if they were to go missing.
  • Salmon? Chicken? Treat your cat with her favorite treat!

If you’re anything like us, you spoil your pets every chance you get. Love Your Pet Day gives you another excuse, not that you need one! How will you spend it?