Ingredient Spotlight – The Nutritional Benefits of Tomato Pomace

Hand picking up a tomato at the supermarket

More than just a functional and ideal fiber source, Tomato Pomace is an excellent amino acid source for your pet. Additionally, Tomato Pomace is a good source of antioxidants for your pet. Tomato Pomace contains concentrated Lycopene, considered one of today’s premier antioxidants. Antioxidant benefits of Lycopene are improved with heat during the cooking process. Antioxidant rich Tomato Pomace comes to the rescue to help prevent excessive free radical production for healthy cells.

Tomato Pomace has an extra value for our feline friends. It helps naturally adjust pH levels to help reduce crystals, it naturally stimulates taste and it is an aid in our feline hairball formula by helping to draw cat hair through the cats system. All Holistic Select Recipes include Tomato Pomace, providing health benefits for dogs and cats alike.

Get a bag of Holistic Select in any of our delicious dry food recipes today and start your pet’s New Year off with their daily fill of lycopene. Your furry friend will thank you.